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Detection and Mitigation of Illicit Consent Grant Attacks in Azure AD

Popular phishing attacks are using illicit consent grant to gain access to company or user data. In this article we will cover the detection (with Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Cloud App...

Review 2019 and next community engagements

The year is nearly over… now is a great time to look back and see what’s next in the upcoming year.

Speaking about Azure Active Directory B2C at .NET User Group Koblenz

I have been speaking about Azure Active Directory B2C at the local “.NET User Group” in Koblenz (Germany) this week.

Improve security and usability of privileged access in Microsoft Azure

It is recognized that privileged access and management of IT services needs particularly protection and high security policies. There are already some concepts for securing privileged access that has been...

Implementing Zero Trust with Microsoft 365 (Study collection)

Building and implementing “Zero Trust networks” (ZTN) is essential to archive a new cyber security model in a world of modern IT and cloud transformation. Previous (traditional) perimeter-based network security...

How to implement and manage Emergency Access Accounts / Break Glass

Microsoft strongly recommends to implement emergency access accounts. This article gives an overview and step-by-step guide to configure and monitor this type of accounts