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Azure AD Attack & Defense Playbook

This publication is a collection of various common attack scenarios on Azure Active Directory and how they can be mitigated or detected. All of the included scenarios, insights and comments are based on experiences from the contributors during their attack simulations, hands-on or real-world scenarios.

Available on my GitHub repository: Cloud-Architekt/AzureAD-Attack-Defense

Visualizations of Azure and Identity Security

Azure AD Idenitty Protection Incident and Data Flow Draft of Tiering Model in Microsoft 365 Draft of Tiering Model in Microsoft Azure Overview of Identity Security Monitoring with Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel Overview of using Identity Lifecycle and Entitlement Management for Privileged Users Overview of Identity Governance and Conditional Access for Privileged Users
This is an overview about visualizations which I have been used in community sessions or shared on social media.

Guest on podcasts

Date Event Session Title
2022-03-11 Hairless in the Cloud Folge 78: Azure Identities
2021-12-16 HIP Podcast Protecting Privileged Identities and DevOps Pipelines in Microsoft Azure
2021-11-05 Hairless in the Cloud Folge 74: Ignite Recap 2021 H2
2021-03-12 Geeksprech Podcast Folge 56: Ignite Recap und die schwarze Katze
2020-09-11 Geeksprech Podcast Folge 44: Azure AD Security

Guest on videocasts

Microsoft Security Insights Show Episode 131: Azure AD Posture Management and privilege escalation from on-prem

M365 im Alltag: Folge 11 - Delegierung von Adminaufgaben mit Administrative Units

glueckkanja-gab Webcast: Azure meets Security

Azure AMA - Wohngemeinschaft mit 4 MVPs